Victoria Hadden

Fine Artist

Comments from former exhibitions

Your paintings bring colour and life to lives.
~Graham Goodchild, Toronto

Your pictures are so cheerful, they make me feel like smiling.
~Dale Lamont, Calgary

WOW. Great art. Congratulations on your real career!
~Paul Cadario, Washington DC

I’m thrilled to see you fulfilling your life’s ambitions. Great work – a testament to your talent.
~Jacqueline Raaflaub, Toronto

I love the pictures of Ireland, keep up the awesome work.
~Islay Thompson, Toronto

Cherish your visions, cherish your thoughts, cherish the music that stirs in your heart, for from them will grow all delightful conditions.
~Linda Coombes, Dundas

What a wonderful grouping of very happy paintings.
~Your x-neighbor from Cabbagetown, Marilyn Brooks

Your work is as beautiful as you are.
~Sarah Webb, Toronto

You’ve left me inspired with a sweet taste in my mouth. How beautiful.
~Sevaun Palvetzian, Toronto

Your pictures make me smile and feel happy. Keep up the good work − we all need to smile more.
~Alice Gilroy, Stouffville

You have convinced me I should lounge beside a pool at least once this summer. Thanks for the yummy pictures.
~Beth Gilroy, Bobcaygeon

I just love your work and it’s nice to see so many of them at once – they’re gorgeous! Keep having shows- I’ll definitely be there.
~Mila Miller, Toronto

So fresh, so delicate, specially ‘Sibylline’ is a delight.
~Idalia, Toronto

Amazing artwork, Victoria. I love your watercolour and ink work.
~Iffy, Toronto

Very vigourous and joyous work!
~John Cargill, Toronto

Just passing by and saw your lovely paintings. A lovely morning lift.
~Dave Wildeere, Toronto

Your pictures are truly beautiful and amazing. I will surely enjoy Whirl and Twirl II.
~Marta Meffe, Toronto

Remarkable and touching.
~Barbara Fariena, New York

Love the bright colours. Very nice work.
~Ken Coombes, Dundas

Commanding and Stunning.
~Samantha Zuk, Hamilton

I quite enjoy the floral watercolours with ink. They have a very beautiful flow to them and capture the mood and moment well.
~SW, Hamilton

~T. Shaw

Very cool and wonderful art.

Victoria – Wow – keep producing- the pictures are wonderful.
~Charles and Christian, Picton

Fabulous work.
~Ruth Preston and Kevin White, Toronto

~Shelly Purdy, Toronto

~Shelley, Ed, and Kati Hawara, Toronto

Terrific and sweet.
~Brent Reid, Toronto

The lovely person you are shows through in your art.
~Carol Sneath, Toronto

~Pam and David Logan, Innisfil

Fantabulous. Love the big ones.
~Hailee Morrison, Toronto